NextChem Tech is NEXTCHEM's company dedicated to providing innovation solutions to decarbonize industrial processes. NextChem Tech activities are carried out through its subsidiaries and its technologies: MyRemono, MyReplast Industries, HyDEP

NextChem Tech main technologies are: NX Replast, NX Saf Bio, NX Reform, NX eBlue, NX CPO, NX Decarb, NX SulphuRec.

Stamicarbon is NEXTCHEM's company and the world market leader in design, licensing and development of urea plants for the fertilizers industry. Stamicarbon's technologies provide solutions for fertilizer production, emission reduction and the integration of urea and adjacent processes.
Stamicarbon's technologies are: STAMI Urea, STAMI Nitric Acid and STAMI Green Ammonia.

MyRechemical is NEXTCHEM's company providing Waste to Chemicals and Waste to Fuels technologies. MyRechemical is carrying out engineering studies for the application of Waste to Chemicals technology, NX Circular, in the Green Circular District, with different projects in Italy.