• NextChem through its subsidiary NextChem Tech to develop the first conceptual study for carbon-neutral hydrogen production by electrolysis, powered on an exclusive basis by innovative newcleo’s generation IV small-scale modular reactor (SMR)
  • Additionally, Tecnimont to provide high-level consultancy services for newcleo’s future implementation of a power plant based on its own SMR technology
  • NextChem Tech’s new model for the “e-Factory for Chemistry” will contribute to accelerate the decarbonization of the industry producing carbon-neutral chemicals and e-fue ls

Milan, 10 January 2024MAIRE (MAIRE.MI) announces that NEXTCHEM (Sustainable Technology Solutions BU), through its subsidiary NextChem Tech, thanks to its expertise in chemistry and electrochemistry, has launched a new model for “e-Factory for carbon-neutral Chemistry”. This model is powered by the signature of a cooperation agreement with newcleo to develop, on an exclusive basis, a conceptual study for carbon-neutral hydrogen production thanks to an innovative clean and safe nuclear technology.

Additionally, Tecnimont (Integrated E&C Solutions BU) will provide high-level consultancy services for newcleo’s plan for the implementation of an innovative power plant based on newcleo’s LFR-AS-200 technology, a Small Modular Lead-cooled Fast Reactor fueled with MOX fuel thanks to Tecnimont’s state-of-the-art modularization approach to optimize construction and planning methodology, reducing time and costs.

This approach will enable the production of electrolytic hydrogen and sustainable chemicals including carbon-neutral ammonia, methanol, e-fuels and derivatives, in line with the recent European Union’s decision to include innovative Gen-IV nuclear technology like the newcleo one within the perimeter of EU Taxonomy of environmentally sustainable economic activities.

Alessandro Bernini, MAIRE CEO, commented: “With this agreement, MAIRE confirms its commitment to foster decarbonization and green chemistry through a wide range of technological solutions. By creating carbon-neutral chemistry models based on safe, reliable and competitive energy supply, we will accelerate the industrialization of the energy transition.”