Rome, 1st March 2022 - NextChem S.p.A. has launched a communication campaign illustrating its three solutions for renewable and low-emission hydrogen production and its value proposition as an end-to-end project partner. The campaign is called "Welcome to EartH2". It will be published in international trade newspapers, during international conferences on hydrogen, and events focusing on the energy transition. The goal is to increase awareness of NextChem’s portfolio among plant owners who want to achieve their decarbonization targets.

NextChem, which offers three technologies for renewable and low carbon hydrogen production, is the optimal partner for any type of end-to-end project for the decarbonization of industrial processes: as project developer, as an EPC contractor, and support for technical-economic- financial development of projects from design up to the construction and operations phases.

The first of NextChem’s three hydrogen technologies is ElectricBlue HydrogenTM, which is derived from natural gas and based on traditional know-how but which involves the use of electricity to feed the endothermic reactions of methane reforming. Using ElectricBlue HydrogenTM in production processes can reduce CO2 emissions by 45% compared to the traditional system of grey hydrogen production. In addition, using electricity from renewable sources to provide the heat of reaction needed in production allows the plants to further reduce emissions.

The second technology regards the production of hydrogen by electrolysis powered by renewable energy sources, which is known as Green Hydrogen. It is the most sustainable version of hydrogen production being the only "zero-carbon" option.

Thirdly, NextChem has developed Circular HydrogenTM, a low-carbon source of hydrogen. It is produced from syngas, obtained by the chemical conversion of carbon and hydrogen contained in non-recyclable plastic and dry waste, which is usually incinerated or disposed of in landfills.

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